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Are you looking for the best WordPress Hosting? Needless to say, the perception of web hosting has changed drastically over the years. With WordPress, it’s has got unimaginably easy to manage the content of a website without having to touch a single line of code unlike in the past.

In fact, this is the reason that a lot of people prefer WordPress as the CMS for their website. However, A2 Hosting offers the best-managed WordPress Hosting in all sense from stable speed, uptime to excellent security and more.


Here are some of the most important features of A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting:

  • Brilliantly fast page loading with SSD based hosting, PHP 7 and Turbo Speed Boosting
  • Free Website Migration with full assistance from the A2 Hosting team
  • Completely risk-free with ‘Anytime Money Back Guarantee’
  • 99.9% Uptime Commitment with ultra-reliable servers
  • Dedicated WordPress environment with the most secure settings
  • Help your visitors feel secure with the free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates
  • The Global Data center option helps users keep their websites close to the target audience

A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting Plans & Pricing

You can actually start a WordPress Hosting for a price as low as $1.98/mo with A2 Hosting which is absolutely fine to start with. However, to use the Turbo Speed Boosting feature, you should at least go with the Turbo plan. The feature is available for all the WordPress Managed Hosting plans.

For those who want an extremely dedicated WordPress Hosting environment, it is always wise to choose Managed Hosting over Shared Hosting.

WordPress Shared Hosting Plans

  • Lite         –          $1.98/mo
  • Swift       –          $3.30/mo
  • Turbo     –          $6.27/mo

WordPress Managed Hosting Plans

  • 1-Site           –    $8.74/mo
  • 3-Sites         –    $13.12/mo
  • Unlimited   –    $25.57/mo


With the A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting, you can rest assured of an extremely brilliant Support as well. The Guru Crew Support of A2 Hosting is widely popular among the worldwide users for their extremely brilliant work over the past many years. In fact, it has a huge hand in the increasing popularity of A2 Hosting. Unlike the other Support teams, the Guru Crew Support team comprises members with an excellent knowledge of every aspect of hosting. This eventually helps them resolve the users’ issues in no time.  Also, they are unimaginably friendly in dealing with the users.

Users can certainly rest assured of 24X7 dedicated assistance with A2 Hosting. Contacting the Support is pretty simple and fast too. One can contact the support via Phone, Live Chat, and Email. Besides, users can gain a lot of knowledge by going through the A2 Hosting Blog Posts anytime they want.


  • Optimized Service for WordPress
  • Unbeatable Speed & Uptime
  • Most Dedicated Customer Support


  • Price changes pretty frequently
  • Turbo speed boosting option only available for higher plans


A2 Hosting undoubtedly offers the most powerful blend of features for every category of website. It has maintained an excellent track record so far in terms of speed, uptime, security, and support. The Guru Crew Support is certainly one of the best Support teams in the web hosting industry. A2 Hosting is certainly one of the most reliable Web Hosting companies of the World today.

For anyone looking for a WordPress Hosting, you may choose from either the Shared WordPress Hosting Plans or the Managed WordPress Hosting Plans as per your need. If you are looking forward to using the Turbo Speed Boosting feature, you can get it with only the Turbo plan among the Shared Hosting Plans. However, Turbo Speed Boosting feature is available for all the managed WordPress Hosting Plans. Most importantly, have no hesitation in trying since it is completely risk-free with the ‘Anytime Money Back Guarantee.’

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  • Uptime
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Support
  • Pricing


As I carefully tested the various aspects of one of my demo sites hosted on A2 Hosting, I found every aspect of A2 Hosting to be unimaginably stable and good. As per my observation, A2 Hosting offers a very reliable WordPress Hosting environment. However, the only con that I noticed is the fact that the price of the A2 Hosting plans changes pretty frequently and this makes it a little bit difficult to determine its true price.

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